Welcome to Currahee... ``We Stand Alone Together``

The Currahee Project was founded by a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman who lost 6 of his Brother Marines to suicide, 4 in one year alone. This Veteran Suicide Epidemic was largely going under or un-reported as well, and remains that way.

70% of ALL Veteran Suicides are not even VA patients, this is The Department of Veterans Affairs’ own statistic. It has become very clear that the only way to stop this epidemic is through grassroots efforts. By reaching out to Warriors in distress and letting them know that “it’s okay to not be okay”. Beyond this, we’ve reminded folks to reach out to the Warriors in their lives and check in on them.

Stand With Us

Of all Veteran suicides, 70% are not even registered patients with the Department of Veterans Affairs, 7 out of every 10. This is not a problem that can be solved by the government. Only with a grassroots approach of community outreach can we hope to mitigate this epidemic.
The best way to place a Warrior on the road to self-sufficiency is to keep them from becoming homeless to start. A Warrior at risk of becoming homeless can oftentimes be provided the resources and counseling they need not be displaced.
We visit Warriors that are home-bound due to health issues and make certain that their caregivers have the support they need. Our volunteers visit the RI Veterans Home to ensure the manpower is available to assist wheelchair-bound Warriors to Church.

The Ty Clancy Story

Matthew “Doc” Perry describes his close friendship
with fellow marine, Ty Clancy

Ty Clancy was a marine who took his life in April 2018 orphaning his little girl. “Doc” Perry describes the very moment he received the devastating news, holding back tears, he tells his story and shares his guilt, anger, and frustration – this being one of the many reasons for the existence of the Currahee Project. 

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We’re part of the VA Community Task Force. We are one of the few asked and even fewer that answered the call to take the Governor's Challenge to Prevent Veteran Suicide.